19 August 2010

'You know when cows have 'piggybacks'? They're lesbians...'

SO, I've been working on a very special post for you guys. But it involves a lot of cropping of photos, which I 'haven't got round to' (I'm basically too lazy to wait for this slow ass computer to load anything), so this little (ahem) beauty will have to make do for now...

Firstly, I've been doing a lot of youtubing recently - searching for a few unknown gems for me to hog and rave about in a superior manner (until they make it big, when I die a little inside). I enjoy hoarding bands.
BUT, in doing so, I found this. It would be a crime for me to NOT show you. I play it on repeat a lot. Unlike the original overplayed song (Airplanes - one of the 'unknown gems' I found, in this case before it hit the charts. Though, I found part 2 which FYI is much better. It has eminem in. I showed it to a few people and they 'didn't like it', because it 'didn't suit' hayley williams. Now that it's internationally loved they play it on repeat. DAMN THEM.), it doesn't get old. Please only say nice things about them. It makes me cry when people reject the things I love to love.
Don't you just love the little airplanes at the end. Lovely touch I thought...

Secondly, I need a SIXTHFORM bag. Yes, I know 'sixthform' is just an extension of school. But I like to overexcite myself and fantasise to the extent that the actual event can in no way live up to my perfect version and then be bitter. I've found the perfect bag, but it costs £37 and the mother is only willing to pay £20. I'd subsidise, but I only have £15 to my name. Yes, that includes my bank account. Yes, that is shockingly disgusting. In my defence, in order to have an 'unbelievable' summer you have to have 'unbelivable' amounts of cash.

I just love patriotism (though often not for my actual country - I prefer other flags), and it's so in right now. PLUS my walking buddy, Adam, has a union jack bag (which I'm overly jealous of and would take from him if I was mean enough/ thought I could, in any way, get away with it) and this way we'd match. So, if anyone has any suggestions of where to get an equally snazzy bag with airs of sophistication (I'm in sixthform now remember. Actually I'm not. Results come out on Tuesday. I may have failed miserably and be left with only my £4 an hour Sunday job and prostitution), let me know...

SPEAKING OF results, my maths result comes out tomorrow. I did my GCSE last year and did an(extremely hard) FSMQ this year. That stands for Free Standing Maths Qualification. I know of many people that are freaking out, but, for once, I remain strangely calm. I guess I'm saving my worry sessions for the likely sleepless night I'm going to have on Monday/Tuesday. Plus, I know I've done awfully so have basically resigned myself to collecting the paper and then later setting fire to it. No, that's not me putting myself down. Nor am I being overly dramatic. IT WAS REALLY HARD.

I'm dreading Tuesday.
...although I may get a new laptop out of it. Fingers crossed for that one.
(I've written in small script in the hope that it will in some way metaphorically 'touch wood' and I will not be cursed with awful grades. We'll see how that one works out.)

In the immortal words of bugs bunny. THAT'S ALL FOLKS.

Ps. WELCOME NEW FOLLOWERS, VAMPIRE AND SESS. (look what a nice person I am to follow. I not only acknowledge each and every one of my new (and existing) followers, I also put a pretty little link in their name, to allow others to TRACK THEM DOWN.)


  1. I really liked that video! I love how they link the two songs towards the end! It's nice to hear the song in a different way now that it's so over-played. Good luck with your maths result, I just had my English result last week (I got an A though!) x

  2. Aha, thanks for the luck... I got a D but still :') DREADING the gcse results...
    Well done for your English :)

    Check out their other videos, their fireflies is really good too. If you type 'justin robinett' in on youtube they'll come up :) x

  3. Hey, I just came into your blog and it's really nice and cool(:
    I'll follow your blog if you'll follow mine:


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