14 October 2010

'Good taste is the excuse I've always given for leading such a bad life'

OKAY, so in case you hadn't guessed I'm taking a short hiatus from blogging. Not because I don't like you guys (you're SPECIAL) nor because I have nothing to blog about (I HAVE A LIST) but because, to quote shakespeare:

Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them. And others have laptops.

...I don't. I am OWED one, we're just waiting for an extremely special special offer. The specialness is yet to be specified.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't some sort of rebellion. My mother is no more inclined to buy me a laptop when I'm not blogging then when I am. In truth, she doesn't even know about this blog. This is simply me rejecting my computer. Because it hates me. And, I have to say, the feeling is mutual...

19 August 2010

'You know when cows have 'piggybacks'? They're lesbians...'

SO, I've been working on a very special post for you guys. But it involves a lot of cropping of photos, which I 'haven't got round to' (I'm basically too lazy to wait for this slow ass computer to load anything), so this little (ahem) beauty will have to make do for now...

Firstly, I've been doing a lot of youtubing recently - searching for a few unknown gems for me to hog and rave about in a superior manner (until they make it big, when I die a little inside). I enjoy hoarding bands.
BUT, in doing so, I found this. It would be a crime for me to NOT show you. I play it on repeat a lot. Unlike the original overplayed song (Airplanes - one of the 'unknown gems' I found, in this case before it hit the charts. Though, I found part 2 which FYI is much better. It has eminem in. I showed it to a few people and they 'didn't like it', because it 'didn't suit' hayley williams. Now that it's internationally loved they play it on repeat. DAMN THEM.), it doesn't get old. Please only say nice things about them. It makes me cry when people reject the things I love to love.
Don't you just love the little airplanes at the end. Lovely touch I thought...

Secondly, I need a SIXTHFORM bag. Yes, I know 'sixthform' is just an extension of school. But I like to overexcite myself and fantasise to the extent that the actual event can in no way live up to my perfect version and then be bitter. I've found the perfect bag, but it costs £37 and the mother is only willing to pay £20. I'd subsidise, but I only have £15 to my name. Yes, that includes my bank account. Yes, that is shockingly disgusting. In my defence, in order to have an 'unbelievable' summer you have to have 'unbelivable' amounts of cash.

I just love patriotism (though often not for my actual country - I prefer other flags), and it's so in right now. PLUS my walking buddy, Adam, has a union jack bag (which I'm overly jealous of and would take from him if I was mean enough/ thought I could, in any way, get away with it) and this way we'd match. So, if anyone has any suggestions of where to get an equally snazzy bag with airs of sophistication (I'm in sixthform now remember. Actually I'm not. Results come out on Tuesday. I may have failed miserably and be left with only my £4 an hour Sunday job and prostitution), let me know...

SPEAKING OF results, my maths result comes out tomorrow. I did my GCSE last year and did an(extremely hard) FSMQ this year. That stands for Free Standing Maths Qualification. I know of many people that are freaking out, but, for once, I remain strangely calm. I guess I'm saving my worry sessions for the likely sleepless night I'm going to have on Monday/Tuesday. Plus, I know I've done awfully so have basically resigned myself to collecting the paper and then later setting fire to it. No, that's not me putting myself down. Nor am I being overly dramatic. IT WAS REALLY HARD.

I'm dreading Tuesday.
...although I may get a new laptop out of it. Fingers crossed for that one.
(I've written in small script in the hope that it will in some way metaphorically 'touch wood' and I will not be cursed with awful grades. We'll see how that one works out.)

In the immortal words of bugs bunny. THAT'S ALL FOLKS.

Ps. WELCOME NEW FOLLOWERS, VAMPIRE AND SESS. (look what a nice person I am to follow. I not only acknowledge each and every one of my new (and existing) followers, I also put a pretty little link in their name, to allow others to TRACK THEM DOWN.)

08 August 2010

'A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content'

Today, in a fit of boredom, I decided to measure my head. It's 21 and a half inches. Is that normal? I stopped short of looking it up.

Let me explain. Normally I work today and, having done so for the past two years, I've forgotten what to do on Sundays. Is there some code of conduct? I'm not religious, so there is no need to bring out the Sunday best. The reason I'm not at work is because my parents are away, so there's no Sunday Roast to prepare (mac and cheese is a much preferable option anyway.) Is there any point in Sundays? They seem rather benign. I have never longed for my (somewhat shitty) job as a waitress as much as I do now. My world has been turned upside down. On a Sunday. How ironic...

So blog, I turn to you in the hope that you can get me through the next 8 hours 35 minutes. Then it will be Monday. There's got to be something to do on Monday, right?

...my cat is twitching. I'm going to take that as a bad omen.

06 August 2010

'And I say hey (HEY!) what a wonderful kind of day, where you learn to work and play. And get along with each other...'

OKAY so firstly, an apology. Not for neglect, as they usually are, but this time for giving you FALSE INFORMATION (!). Having been to Ynot Festival (amazing stories ON THEIR WAY), and wearing my jacket basically all the time (it's quilted and therefore as cosy and warm as a hug with a loveable bear), I have come to the conclusion that it is NOT an NY Giants jacket as I was told (that's right. I WAS LIED TO. Either that or Mr. Absolute Vintage was as clueless as me). Unfortunately I am super gullible. As in, 'Hey Molly, I'm actually a teenage mutant ninja turtle' 'OHMYGOD. OHMYGOD. OHMYGOD. REALLY? YOU'RE MEAN, GREEN AND ON THE SCREEN?' style. So I didn't research the jacket until a considerable amount of doubt was cast. Anyway, in true English style, I wikipedia'd it. Turns out, it's a San Francisco Giant's Jacket (that's right. my Jacket gets a capital letter. Do you?) - the team transferred there from New York at the end of the 1957 season. So, I guess, it COULD be an NY Giants jacket, if it was pre-1957. But it feels more 80s/90s, if I'm honest. ANYWAY, it doesn't make me love it any less. Although it did link me to New YAWK, a place which, and excuse me for sound a little hippyish here, I feel I'm almost spiritually linked - I basically belong there. Whenever I see it on Tv (god, I sound so untraveled and boring), I feel like I'm there and I'm home. Not that there's anything wrong with Ashbourne (please don't use this as an opportunity to stalk me, and all other Molly's in Ashbourne) ...it's just a little narrow-minded here. The most cultural we get is people with Indian backgrounds. Then I hear my inner-Manchester situated cousins talking about their friends 'Koosha', 'Asad' and 'Lovely Day'. Not that there's anything cultural about the last one, I just find it horrendous that a child would be named such a thing. So, to summarise. It's a SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS JACKET AND I LOVE IT (despite it being more of a mouthful to say).

So, onwards and upwards, with the various delights of my life...

Most people would do things in chronological order, but I like to mix things up a little, so I'll work my way backwards (OH THE THRILL).

Y-not Festival. It was a roller coaster weekend of ups and downs, for sure. If I told you the downs in full, you may come to the misguided conclusion that I didn't have a good time (as my brother did: 'sounds like you had a rate shit time'). That would be a lie. So I'll tell you them quickly, in a monosyllabic tone (as far as is possible), in the hope that you will skim read and not get the wrong idea.

So, here, Ynot. Summed up in words, phrases and photos:

The Good:
Daisy Dares You (Honestly, she was purely AMAZING). Ok Go. Randomly taking part in a yoga class. The Quotes. Getting 11 out of 50 on a 'pub quiz'. The people. The late night drunken chats and times. Chica. Ritz crackers at 7am. Fancy dress. Meeting Jesus and his black and white cat. 18p white wine spritzer. Nachos. Circus tricks. 'When a guy's lined up for the portaloos with a bog roll, you know he's either off for a crafty wank or a shit.' Dancing to no music. Randomly bursting into song, only to have the whole campsite join in (especially when the 'song' was the theme tune from Arthur.) The Rash (local phenomenon). Blood red shoes. At the risk of sounding 'special': NEW FRIENDS. Running into people from Ynot'09. ARE YOU BUZZIN? ARE YOU LOVIN IT? Being with the guys who made unused condoms look used and then placed them strategically on unfortunate people. Watching the reactions of the aforementioned 'unfortunate people'. '...Ellie. I think I just pooed myself' (this is also one of the principal reasons why I will not do weed). Matt Dawson. SAN DIEGOOOOO. Rave Tent warmth. Drunken Sailor. A nice gesture from the mad hatter (the gesture shall remain unnamed at the risk of leaking info to REAL people (people I know)). Adopting weird items of clothing from weird people. The train driver. Choo choo. Adam Mckee && Issy Cecil (an almighty combo). 'I'm sorry... Ive just got to ask. Are you gay?' '...no' 'Aw man. Jusht. Jusht. Lemme give you a hug. Cause you're straight.' *this happened between 'Jonno' and Matt. Matt is most definitely gay. And camp with it.* 'Have you had a poo yet?' '...no. I'm a virgin'. Watching Adam get his stuff into the festival (video BELOW). WORKING the craaaaaaaaazy hats. The story of the girl who pooed in her hand (if you want to know more on that one just let me know. It sounds disgusting. It is. But it's also true hilarity). Just... EVERYTHING (apart from the bad. and the ugly. obviously. but other than that, EVERYTHING.)

The Bad:
One girl and her silly antics. The fact that our (once lovely) camp got crashed by bad people. Robbery. The price of food. Looking for the first aid tent in the dark and rain (an impossible task). Actually having to inject my wildly drunk diabetic friend. Sick. The portaloos. The BRIGHT ORANGE log of a poo IN one of the portaloos. Missing Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Being (basically) molested. People whining. Expensive (and shit) sausage panini. BITCH BROKE MY SUNGLASSES. Having a (very high) person whom I barely know grab me and say 'THIS MY GIRLFRIEND' several times before slobbering on my face. And my hat. (i ran away). DERYN'S DIRTY SOCKS. It all being over for another year...

(okay so the monsyllabic thing didnt work out so great)

The Ugly:
Me. The whole weekend, I (apparently) looked awful. I only realised this AFTERWARDS. I'd like to blame this on lack of sleep, lack of showers and lack of mirrors. It would probably be more politically correct to blame it on my genes. Honestly, the photo evidence is so bad I may have to not show you it.
...I will, of course. But clicking 'publish post' will be a fight harder than anything Jaden Smith faces in Karate Kid, I promise you.

OBSERVE (and these are the 'good' ones).
The following photos aren't actually mine, as I was a silly bean and didn't take any (plus I had an irrational fear of taking expensive things with me. A fear that proved to be highly valid when the guy in the tent next to me had £30 and a tin of beans stolen from his tent), and actually belong to my beautiful friends. If you object to the fact that I stole your photos, please kindly comment and I will remove:

This is the first photo taken of the festival. It basically sums Adam up (note that he had only had ONE SIP of the scrumpy jack you see in the foreground. SHAMEFUL)

Grace (on the left) was amazing at hula hooping. Me? Not so much...

We attempted a triple two way. That would be 3 hoops and 2 girls. Yeah, it didn't work out so great...

We judge people on the way they say falafel. Say it with me: 'fa-LOHfull'

Adam and jelly. Really makes for a good photo. I later found some of that same jelly in my sleeping bag.

This is a highly disturbing thought.


My mouth looks weirdly deformed. BUT it's like an action shot. Lara Croft, eat yer heart out.

This is the SESS (pit). Looking almighty proud of herself.

My wellies are the ones with FACES on them. Love them.

PIMP (my face please)

This isn't just food. This is M'n'S food. LOL jk it's just food. Pretty tasty though.

Because he's worth it (?)

'You are the bluest light'.


Her Adorbz know no limits.


He works it like a polaroid picture. Ironically enough he shakes it like this too.

Please excuse the boobcrack. This photo basically sums up my weekend.

aaaaaand BAM! Erin looking irritatingly gorgeous. But we'll forgive her. Cause she's cool.

I swear that isn't even everything. But my weekend was amazing. I look back and smile. BAD BITS? What bad bits?

OKAY. Now we move on to my Grans 50th Wedding Anniversary. It was 'nice'. A chance to mingle with the old people of the world. BUT HEY HEY. My grandad gave me £50. Plus, it clearly made my Gran happy - and the weekend was about her (and my grandad, but hey. It was to celebrate a marriage, and the woman is always right and, let's face it, more important). Plus Plus (I already used plus) I got a new dress out of it. Its beautiful and from my new favourite shop, M Butterfly. You see that little link right there? Click it. You'll never look back. At first I thought it was just a little one off shop. It's run by these really cute Japanese people and the shop just seemed so 'them'. It was only when I got home that I realised it was a chain. This made me happy - now I can order online! Speaking of butterflies, check out what I found whilst munching on a packet of cinema sweet popcorn and watching 'The taking of Pelham 123' (which, by the way, is very hard to take seriously. The principal bad guy was John Travolta. I've seen him in leather pants and dressed as a woman. He's so not bad.)

It's a piece of popcorn that looks like a butterfly. I snapped it. Then I ate it. I love little things that make you appreciate life.

OKAY, so opinion time. A lot of my friends have been doing the thirty days of truth thing. Reading their answers, I started to envisage my own. So, sad as I am, I began writing them down in a notebook. I'm now up to day 6, but I'm not sure whether to publish or not. PLEASE, if you have an opinion, advise me. Do you want to know the ins and outs of my mind , or would you rather stay away from that pit of despair? (NB. it's not really a pit of despair, it just sounded poetic). I originally only started it as an exercise to 'discover' myself - as I feel that that was basically the point of the 30 days of truth. Not to tell other people how you feel, or use it as an attention seeking devise (JUST SO YOU KNOW, by saying that I'm thinking of no names - it's just a thought. I don't want to come across as an attention seeking whore), but to find it out about yourself. So. To publish, or not to publish? That is the question...

FINALEMENT, I would like to welcome my new followers. Actually, as this is something I have (rudely) never done before, I guess I should welcome ALL of my followers. Seriously, all 13 of you guys make me happy. So head on over to that little box to the right named 'beautiful people' and have a look at everyone because they're all awesome. With a capital A (oh the irony!).

Now please enjoy this video of Adam struggling his way into Ynot. I know I do:

Having looked through that post, I realise that I WAY overuse brackets. For this I apologise (I started with an apology and ended with one. What a nice ironic little wrap-up).

22 July 2010

'If I knew that you were coming I'd've baked a cake'

BLOG. Oh how Ive missed you... due to a technical error (stupid bt...the fastest broadband my bum'ole), the only contact with the world wide web that I have been allowed was facebook. As someone said to me, 'well at least it got your priorities right'. I even succumbed to handwriting blogs in my notebook and writing lists about what I needed to blog about. That's dedication (plus more than a little sad...)

ANYWAY, I have so much to blog about. Starting with this cake.

As inspired by Becca's
post I decided to make a cake for a garden party. Knowing I couldn't take on this culinary challenge alone I invited Sally (mere non-blogging mortal) to join me. It was spectacular fun and the end product was sickeningly good (and I'm sure responsible for several dental issues amongst our friends). Here's the journey we took in photos.

... the ingredients. Artfully arranged of course.

Cake mix. Mickey mouse style.

Doesn't it look real?

The first lot of 'ketchup' icing went AWFULLY wrong.

This stuff stained our hands. Literally for days. Sally looked like Shrek...

Mmmmm... Onions, Pickles, Lettuce and Tomatoes.


In other news, I realised I STILL haven't blogged about LANDAN (horrific, but true). It was 'Grace Jones' personified (FIERCE) of course. I find myself much more at home in cities (I'm definitely NOT a country gal - the thought of churning butter and chewing cud and milking ole daisy makes me shudder), and going down for the day just reiterated the idea in my mind that I would like to go to university there (if i get the grades and the money...). Anyway we went to beyond retro and spent hours in there (PURE BUM) and then headed up to absolute vintage, stopping at a couple of the places that caught our eye on the way. We spent literally HOURS in absolute vintage, and I ended up buying a New York Giants player's jacket (partly because I fell in LOVE with it, and partly because it'd look suspicious, not to mention just plain rude, if we spent three hours in there and then didn't buy anything...) for just £25 because it had a few stains and holes here and there. I don't mind seen as those stain and holes were made by an ACTUAL NYC Giants player. Even my brother (the hardest mortal on this earth to impress) was, well, impressed. Though he did say 'Yeah it's cool. Shame it's from such a crap team though', which kinda rained on my parade a little (the sunshine came out again when Becca was openly jealous of it though). PICTURES TO COME, watch this space. We also went into spittalfields market, bought Becca an amazingly Becca-ish birthday present, and then realised we were running late and ran like the wind to the subway (yes, I know it's called 'the underground but subway is both easier and nicer to say). We ran into a monkey on the way. He tried to kiss me but luckily his muzzle (?) got in the way.

After a lovely late lunch at pizza express (TWO FOR ONE YES PLEASE), we headed down to the theatre and saw dirty dancing, which FYI (seems appropriate) is amazing.

Sorry for the blur. We weren't supposed to take photos. Pure Stealth...

Then we caught the train home, which was surprisingly relaxing (I'm ashamed to say I almost fell asleep, mouth hanging open in 'fly catcher' mode and everything).

So I'm off to
Y-not Festival for the weekend. Expect a blog about THAT, a trilby, a dress, my new favourite shop and news on my grans 50th anniversary shabang which was last weekend, upon my return. I hope you're still here when I get back. WOW. Long blog. I guess I had space to fill...

Now please enjoy these images.

... We (Adam and Me) were in a play

(LOL jk we just like to dress up in our spare time)

THE most disgusting thing known to mankind.

...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand BAM spider.

06 July 2010

'Before the internet people were writing 'fuck you' and then attaching it to pigeons'

Okay so YAY (or WAX, as predictive text tells me) my Internet has returned. After seven (? - the days kind of blurred into one, this might even be a craving-induced mirage) long facebook-less, blog-less, horoscope-less days we fixed the broadband box and I am now OFFISH (said with emphasis on the fish, like a shortened version of officially not like office with a lisp) online again. Also more WAX for a duvet day. My stinking unshowered self wrapped in a duvet on my godlike sofa watching fresh prince reruns, eating lots of food and writing this blog on my brother's laptop (!) which I have stolen while he's travelling for a month. Lazy days are the best...

So Cheryl Cole has malaria. Her 'good deeds' (aka. cameo appearance in malnourished impoverished country) have come back to bite her on the ass. Seen as people have started getting 'dimple-jobs' (latest plastic surgery fad) to get themselves a 'Mrs C' cute-sexy smile, I can't help but wonder how long it'll be before they start importing mosquitoes in the hope of infecting themselves with malaria to get themselves a 'Mrs C' painful-gross death (ahaha I'm so witty and cynical.)

Also this is HUGELY unpatriotic of me but I'm glad we English finally got kicked out of the world cup. It was about time that we stopped deluding ourselves and realised that we haven't won the world cup since 1966 (when, suspiciously enough, we were the host country... the word 'fix' comes to mind) and that isn't about to change now. I used to be able to bring myself to watch the world cup; I could at least be awe-inspired/ distracted by the pretty country, sickening patriotism, the fans, or even the beautiful players. But now I find myself faced with vuvuzelas, heightened domestic abuse and Wayne Rooney.

And now for MY LIFE. Recently was prom. I have few decent photos so shall steal other peoples. OBSERVE.

We found one of those cut out things which you stick your heads through, hilair as you can tell. The beautiful Erin is on your far left, then ROGER (molly #2), then DOOM (Adam) and then me.

The wind was up and ready to annoy (and destroy) our hair. This is the ONLY wind free photo I can find.

We also found a really pretty mirror so we vogue'd it and posed. We told Sally (the girl in the front) that it would be a 'silly' photo and then all smiled. True hilarity.

(Please excuse the leg flash. I was attempting to save my dress from the murky depths below.)

It was pretty but it was also £200 I'll never see again. After we had a party in a field. It was fun till it got light and we realised how much horse poo we were sitting in. I now have a weird bite on my leg. It is either that of a horsefly or a human. I'm not sure which is better; to be honest I had my fingers crossed for a malaria infested mosquito.

(NB. Deja vu? You may have seen this photo on Becca's post - it is her photo, but it's also of me. THEREFORE, I have the right to steal/ use it)

Having slept for the last few days (though the black circles under my eyes are relentless and appear to be painted on) my memory is kind of sketchy. Last night I had a tell all sesh with my friend Andy. It's nice to know that he is insecure and has problems too; plus he gave me nuggets to the interior of a guy's mind.

I should really be buying pesto right now. Fly my pretties, FLY.

23 June 2010

"I'm going to wear a tuxedo and a top hat with no pants and I'm going to paint my penis with lipstick."

I SIT MY LAST EXAM IN 90 MINUTES. in precisely 10800 seconds, my summer officially begins. Dance for me, please.

Yesterday it came to my attention that the not-so elusive couple Kate Perry and Russel Brand are getting married in ...latex (ironic as, due to Brand's 'ex' (...ha) sex addiction, rubber probably plays a large part in their relationship. Crude, but true).

The latex nun's habit, which featured in Gaga's Alejandro video (and was branded by many critics as the 'highlight'), and the traffic-light-red plastic monstrosity the same woman/ mannequin deemed fit for the Queen (literally) were both designed by the same designer that the 'to-be' couple have asked to take on this... challenge. The Japanese designer, 'Atsuko Kudo' for those of you who want to look her up, is not your average kooky designer, however. The woman is single-handedly trying to bring fetish wear 'out of the bedroom and into the ballroom'. She makes everything from tight rubber dresses to latex berets (which have an unfortunate resemblance to an over sized condom). Weird. Personally, I don't think the latex wedding attire will work out. Then again, I'm just as pessimistic about their marriage.

MOVING ON FROM MY PESSIMISM. My search for the perfect dress is ongoing (and on-failing). It seems that there's always something in my way. I either cant afford it, cant fit in it, cant pull it off or cant bring myself to wear it/all of them at once.
...I'm going to LANDAN on Friday (updates ON THEIR WAY). Maybe I'll find a little treasure there (and not be able to afford it, just my luck).

I also forgot to tell you. Ive fallen in love with Margaux Morris and her amazing collection of barbie jewellery (made OF barbies, not for them). Unfortunately I (again) can't afford any of her unique pieces, I'm going to use the oodles of time I have this summer to (PRO)CREATE (ie. attempt at making my own). Photos/ further info on the barbie massacre will follow (stay tuned).

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand. SIGN OFF PHRASE.

Ps. I'm stupid and forgot to post this post. It was actually written at 12pm (GMT) on 23/06/10 not 26/06/10. I WASN'T NEGLECTING YOU QUITE SO HARSHLY.

17 June 2010

'Perhaps misguided moral passion is better than confused indifference'

Okay, so firstly I apologise for the NEGLECT. I'm sorry if you feel like an abandoned child. Due to exams (that's right, I'm shamelessly transferring the blame) I have had little time or life = no blog. But now I'm free to post to my heart's content (well, officially, I still have one exam, Graphics, but it barely counts). Now for the 'nitty gritty'.

Today my online purchases arrived. Having ordered them on Sunday (but being too stingy to pay the extra £1 for next day delivery), it is somewhat an understatement to say that I was expecting them - and have been for the last 3 or 4 days. Excitable creature that I am, this momentous occasion had fast become the highlight of my week, and one upon which I awaited with baited breath; needless to say when I opened the door to see the little package this afternoon, I was delighted.

The purchases in question were a pair of roll up short shorts and a cute little lace dress I found on boohoo.com, my primary online source of retail therapy. The dress was for my grandparents' golden wedding anniversary dinner which I have to attend in roughly one months time; the shorts because I seem to have expanded over the course of the winter and can no longer fit into the majority of my other pairs (FML).

Anyway, back to the arrival. I scampered upstairs to try on my new found clothing, starting with the shorts. Even though I'd followed the size guide to a T, measuring myself and everything, they were too big. Baggy on the butt and slipping down round the waist, I couldn't help but feel like a misguided teenage boy who believes that wearing his trousers round his knees deems him 'cool'. Gutted, I took them off; I loved the style but the smallest size they sell in is a 10 and, apparently, I'm an 8. So I moved onto the dress, hoping that, in this case, my fevered anticipation hadn't been in vain. It had. The dress wouldn't zip up (EVEN THOUGH IT'S AN 8) and made me look pregnant; two looks which I cannot pull off. So now my purchases are posted and on their way back to the warehouse they came from, leaving me with nothing to do but don my not-new clothes and write this bitter-filled post. My misplaced and, not to mention, totally misguided anticipation remains, however, leaving me with the need to rethink and reshop; I will do this later this evening, following (ugh) rehearsals for a midsummer night's dream at 4pm. Updates on that will follow later; in the mean time, any website tip-offs will be greatly appreciated (though I can't tip myself off, nor have I had a chance to fully 'check it out', the rather aptly named
http://www.missguided.co.uk/ has just caught my eye. Coincidence? I think not)

In other news, my dad has asked me to stop using the phrase 'cool cool', which has become somewhat of a bad habit of mine, and my knee has gone purple, due to the position in which I'm sat.

Now, I'm off to play with Adam's pussy. (Insert cool and catchy signature sign-off phrase which I've yet to discover).

16 June 2010

'De skulle holdt seg unna vannet'

And now...an extremely long STEAL. Becca's promises of hugs (cyber or otherwise) just tempted me too greatly to refuse.

1) What's your mother's maiden name.

2) Name of your first pet?

3) Put the answers to the above together, and you get your hooker's name.
Tom Capps. (i sound like a male cat on heat, YESS)

4) Now some more serious questions. Favourite..... Colour?
It varies depending on my mood, but generally cherry red.

5) Book?
... the ones that get turned into movies are generally good. (YES i do read the books but it's a way of categorising... I'm lazy.)

6) Tv/Movie?
FRIENDS/SCRUBS/ SEX IN THE CITY give me ultimate pleasure.
I also enjoy GLEE/ 90210/ how I met your mother/ The Big Bang Theory.
I HAVE TO ADMIT I LOVE THE DISNEY CHANNEL (sorry) and also 'Teen Cribs'; seeing how the rich kids live both depresses and enthralls me.
My favourite movies are the good ones. I did not enjoy house of wax... the finger chopping and lip ripping is nicht so gut.

7) Drink?
Nothing beats a nice Double Ristretto Venti Nonfat Organic Chocolate Brownie Frappuccino Extra Hot with Foam and Whipped Cream Upside Down Double Blended. aka. Starbucks coffee. When I grow up I plan to be one of those pretentious laptop owners who sit in Starbucks all day playing pacman (but pretending to do self-important, life-altering things such as essays and articles and business calls).

8) Food?
Mushroom Stroganoff/ Brie/ Camembert/ ORANGES/ Potato croquettes/ breaded mozzarella sticks... oh it's all so very very good.

9) Place?
Big Cities... LANDAN, and, though I've never been, New York. I belong in America.

10) Shop?
OH. WHAT A QUESTION. Well, I adore mod cloth (but I always get there too late and things are sold...), Beyond Retro (they're having a festival chic fashion show AS I SPEAK. God, I wish I could drive), lipsy, Heyday!, and boohoo.com - I do a lot of Internet shopping seen as it generally costs less and can be done on the spur. But I love to do actual shopping too; it seems more personal in a way. In which case I love Topshop, Ark, TK maxx, dotty P's, pulp... and charity shops are always good for a nice bargain (as long as you don't fear looking trampy when someone asks you where you got that dress/ necklace/ top etc). I also love to trawl the Internet looking at the beautiful designer gear that I (SIGH) cannot afford.

11) What's your trademark party trick?
I can lick my elbow. ALTERNATIVELY, I can lie on my front and bring my legs over to touch my toes to my nose... Makes me look like some kind of alien freak and probably damages my spine but the 'gasps' and 'woahs' make me feel special.

12) Ideal future job?
WELL. Ideally I'd travel the world and just work as whatever wherever I was... and pick up and move on whenever I grew bored. But we don't live in an idealistic world so I'll instead be a Barrister in NYC.

13) Visit that ol' urbandictionary.com and type your name in. see what it pukes out, and give us the results.
There are several definitions regarding the name 'Molly'. One involves MDMA, another calls my 10 year old sister a bitch and another speaks of my beauty as 'blinding' (true hilarity). BUT this one made me smile the most:

An intelligent and articulate girl. Molly's are known to be over-achievers who often harbor kinky bedroom habits.
No Molly, you wear the handcuffs this time.

14) Who's your idol?
...this stopped me in my tracks. I harbour adoration for many people (especially Julia Roberts) but I don't think I have an idol. Please feel free to correct me, should you feel that I do IDOLISE someone.

15) Favourite bands?
The King Blues are beautiful; they have a song for every mood I'm in and I love them. 30 seconds to mars (a band with morals... pure adoration), Eminem (who is amazing - whenever I'm upset I just stick this guy on on full and blast the sadness out of me), Nickelback, Lostprophets (NOM), Coldplay, The Calling (absolute beauts), The Used (even though Bert was too busy eating pizza to come see me), Miley Cyrus (but only when she gets it right and doesn't try to be emo/ rock). If it's good I generally like it... music is beautiful and a great way to escape for a while. I especially love unknown artists, because I feel as though they're mine... plus their songs don't get overplayed and ruined.

16) Favourite songs?
This is war - 30 seconds to mars
Photograph - Nickelback
Many the miles - Sara Bareilles
I Got Love - The King Blues
Not Afraid - Eminem
Airplanes (part 2) ft Hayley William and Eminiem - B.o.B
All the pretty girls - F.U.N

17) What are you wearing.... right now. And what you'd prefer to be wearing.
Denim hotpants, tan tights ( I burn if I don't wear them... FML), light blue cami, black cardigan, my y-not festival band, my beautiful necklace and my bracelet. I would LOVE to be wearing leather shorts, a cami and an army style jacket, as styled by Balmain (see photo below, though I would dress with less breastiness and minus the jacket-tail). Unfortunately this would cost me about £7000 (no joke, the shorts cost £2070), or at least for the right stuff. Nor am I 'fierce' enough. I shall instead make do with looking like a tramp.

18) A video
So, before you watch this you should probably be aware that it is based on a quote from the BNP-esq Pat Robertson (not to be confused with Robert Pattinson LOL) with regards to legalizing gay marriage; basically he inferred that it would lead to sex with ducks. This video is pure genius, and Pro-Gay marriage; I'd definitely advise you to look Garfunkel and Oates up (I also enjoy 'pregnant women are smug')

19) A photo.
I love this photo... watch why.

...it can be a reflection or a landscape. And yes, this is my own photo; for once I'm not stealing.

20) Some people you wanna give fame:
'Giving fame' is time consuming; I'm lazy. SO stray your eyes across to that leeeeeeeeeeetle box labelled 'Beautiful People'; they deserve it.

21) Go on wikipedia and click "random article". The title of that will be the title of this post.
I have slightly interpreted this so it is in fitting with my 'uge' (usual posting, ie. a quote)

12 June 2010

'Cause I'm a free bitch, baby'

Dissect Gaga and what are you left with? A legend quite rightly placed alongside Madonna on the Glee trophy shelf? Or a melodramatic blond who sports a variety of different wigs paired with imaginative outfits (of someone else's imagination, let's not forget) and several headpieces that would be considered vulgar if they were, instead, perched on a non-famous head? A living, breathing (and, God knows, singing) mannequin. The question as to precisely why she is famous - for her songs (which frankly are all so 'samey' that in the opening bars it is often hard to decipher exactly which song one should be tunelessly wailing along to)? Or for her 'outrageous' sense of fashion (which isn't really 'hers' but really belongs to the AMAZING designers who clothe her)? - is often quashed by her celebrity status and all that is Gaga.

In reading that you'd be right to assume I am not this new 'man-proof' figure's biggest fan. And yet you'd also be wrong...
I find Gaga to be a somewhat guilty pleasure of mine, not unlike the secret stash of porn which, as a feeble 11 year-old, I was shocked to come across when playing hide and seek in my friend's brother's bedroom. Though I feign disgust when the subject of the figure now being dubbed as the 'queen of pop' inevitably crops up when chatting with my somewhat unhealthily obsessed male friend ( gay and unnaturally yellow-haired... it's to be expected), I cant help but find myself questioning my own line of argument; I'm literally tempted by the dark (or freakishly blond) side. My self-confessed 'Gaygay' friend brought up her recent episode on stage (the breakdown over fears for her sick grandfather) expecting me to be full of witty critique over her newly discovered diva-ish ways and armed with several pre-concocted jokes based around the fact that, just because they've shared a song, Gaga has no right to go Beyonce (who has earned the right to be a Diva Queen and can have any number of staged stage breakdowns; my adoration for this curvy goddess will be unwavering) on our asses. However, and in admitting this I am blushing with pure red-faced shame, I can't help but believe her concern is genuine; she is truly so saddened by Grandpa Gaga's current state of health that she can't even choke out one of those (in)famous tunes.

Even as I sit here writing this post (instead of revising Maths, I confess) two of her songs have played - Bad romance and Alejandro (the latter of which, I must admit, I actually sang along to) - with a promised further 'fix' to come. No doubt the DJ has been inundated with angry text messages now that Alexandra Burke's howls fill our ears.

So, in the same way that bisexuals cant decide between lads and lasses, I find myself almost bi-Gaga; Gaga-curious, if you will. As to whether I'm alone in my confusion I do not know - so far she has appeared to be a 'marmite-girl', you either love her or you hate her, which makes me fearful for my chances. But, whether my conflicting feelings of both enthrall and disgust towards her general 'Lady Gaga-ness' (insert: outrageous) are a shocking rarity, or not, I know one thing for sure:

If the opportunity were to present itself, I would go lesbian for Gaga.

10 June 2010

'youre a LOSER'

For some today is a normal day; for me it is the beginning. The beginning of an end.

LOL jk, I'm just starting this blog.

I'm a 'my glass is half empty - so fill it up' type of 'GAL'; pessimistic, blunt and often judgemental... but in a nice (or at least humorous) fashion. I write in proper English and hate the saying 'it's always in the last place you look' - OF COURSE it's in the last place you look, what kind of imbecile would continue searching after they found what they were looking for?

Though I want to be a Barrister (initially, I wrote that last part with V's as B's by mistake, making me sound like Count Dracula. LOL, hilair), I have a love for journalism so mostly what I write on here will be article-y type things... or just my pure, unaltered, unfaltering (probably wrong) opinion. I may review my day but NEVER will succumb to writing a blow-by-blow, hour-by-hour, 'and-then-I-did-this' account of my day because... well bleurgh. My life is boring enough, never mind enforcing others to suffer alongside me (ALTHOUGH...)

FINALLY, I HAVE TO CONFESS: I'm a blog cheat.
I'm writing this on a computer... not a laptop. And, yes, I realise that nowhere does it state that blogs must be written on laptops. And, yes, I am aware that laptops are just portable computers. But still... it's just not natural. However, come August, I hope to receive a spangly new laptop from my laaaaaavley parents; until then please accept my apologies (which I will take back when said laptop appears).
So, yes, all that's really left to say is:

Hi, I'm Molly and I'm an alcoholic.