23 June 2010

"I'm going to wear a tuxedo and a top hat with no pants and I'm going to paint my penis with lipstick."

I SIT MY LAST EXAM IN 90 MINUTES. in precisely 10800 seconds, my summer officially begins. Dance for me, please.

Yesterday it came to my attention that the not-so elusive couple Kate Perry and Russel Brand are getting married in ...latex (ironic as, due to Brand's 'ex' (...ha) sex addiction, rubber probably plays a large part in their relationship. Crude, but true).

The latex nun's habit, which featured in Gaga's Alejandro video (and was branded by many critics as the 'highlight'), and the traffic-light-red plastic monstrosity the same woman/ mannequin deemed fit for the Queen (literally) were both designed by the same designer that the 'to-be' couple have asked to take on this... challenge. The Japanese designer, 'Atsuko Kudo' for those of you who want to look her up, is not your average kooky designer, however. The woman is single-handedly trying to bring fetish wear 'out of the bedroom and into the ballroom'. She makes everything from tight rubber dresses to latex berets (which have an unfortunate resemblance to an over sized condom). Weird. Personally, I don't think the latex wedding attire will work out. Then again, I'm just as pessimistic about their marriage.

MOVING ON FROM MY PESSIMISM. My search for the perfect dress is ongoing (and on-failing). It seems that there's always something in my way. I either cant afford it, cant fit in it, cant pull it off or cant bring myself to wear it/all of them at once.
...I'm going to LANDAN on Friday (updates ON THEIR WAY). Maybe I'll find a little treasure there (and not be able to afford it, just my luck).

I also forgot to tell you. Ive fallen in love with Margaux Morris and her amazing collection of barbie jewellery (made OF barbies, not for them). Unfortunately I (again) can't afford any of her unique pieces, I'm going to use the oodles of time I have this summer to (PRO)CREATE (ie. attempt at making my own). Photos/ further info on the barbie massacre will follow (stay tuned).

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand. SIGN OFF PHRASE.

Ps. I'm stupid and forgot to post this post. It was actually written at 12pm (GMT) on 23/06/10 not 26/06/10. I WASN'T NEGLECTING YOU QUITE SO HARSHLY.


  1. Hooray for latex and late posts and anti neglect :) x

  2. haha!! I have just found your blog and you are amazing! love your style telling things :)

  3. YES badger we all know of your... fetish.
    Aaaaand thankyou Barbara, i'll have me a gander at your own blog :) x


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